PVC & Fiberglass Columns are durable and attractive choices for the exterior of your property.

PVC Columns

Weather Shore has a wide selection of maintenance free PVC columns. Styles available include a straight and stepped square, straight and tapered round, and a colonial post design. A variety of colours are available including white, cream, black, and grey.

The Advantages of PVC

The advantage that PVC has over Wood is longevity. Because PVC does not rot, corrode, delaminate or swell excessively from moisture, and is impervious to damage from insects. PVC simply does not absorb moisture, leading to minimal maintenance needs.


Fiberglass Columns

Fiberglass Columns are the latest editions to our Outdoor Product line and styles include a square, straight round and recessed panel design. They are great in that they are cost effective and require very little maintenance. Designed for load-bearing and decorative installations, these columns are ideal for outdoor or indoor applications. They come ready to prime and paint.


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