Our Annual maintenance suggestions and tips will help you get the longest life, functionality and best quality possible from your windows.

Annual Maintenance Suggestions

  1. Conduct a visual inspection of the inner and outer frame to look for physical damage, watermarks or stains that may indicate potential problems to be addressed. Check for signs of rust, especially on casement windows.
  2. Clean and lightly oil all hinges and rollers. Check drainage holes as well to ensure they are clear. *Obstructed drain holes potentially lead to water leaks.
  3. A simple way to check plugged drain holes is to fill the track with water and check water retention. If the water dissipates and does not go through the drain hole, then the sealant at the joints should be carefully cleaned and re-caulked. Vacuum water out through outer drain holes to clean the drainage system.
  4. Mechanical joints on PVC windows have factory-applied sealants. When cleaning the windows, ensure the caulking is not damaged. The window frame should be inspected annually to check for cracks, continuity and adhesion of the caulking.
  5. Check all handles and latches for proper movement and function, adjust if necessary and clean regularly.
  6. Check flashings to insure they are in good shape and all drainage slots are clear.
  7. Clean vinyl and painted vinyl frames with lukewarm water, a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Conduct on an as needed basis.
  8. Never use a pressure washer on any window or patio door. Doing so may result in a water ingress or damage to the exterior finish of the window or doorframe.
  9. Avoid using razor blades, or other sharp objects and abrasive cleaners. They can damage window surfaces and scratch glass.
  10. Some cleaners or solvents can damage vinyl surfaces and may cause discoloration. Immediately rinse or dry.
  11. Check to ensure that the original weather stripping is still intact and working effectively. If there is any concern regarding the weather stripping, please contact WSW for further assistance.
  12. Remove all window screens upon arrival of freezing weather conditions. Safely store screens until weather permits.
  13. Inspect screens for any damage to the aluminum frames, and tears in the mesh. Contact your WSW rep if you require further assistance.


Precautions & Safety

  • Window screens are not security devices and will not prevent a child or anyone from falling through.
  • Never mix cleaners or solvents. This may be dangerous as well as ineffective.
  • Use help when working with a large window sash to avoid injury.
  • Use proper/safe equipment and precautions when cleaning and servicing the exterior side of windows above ground level.
  • If using commercial cleaning or finishing products or solvents, carefully read and follow safety instructions, warnings, cautions and disposal instructions on manufacturer’s labels. Wear appropriate safety gear (e.g. clothing, goggles, gloves) and provide plenty of ventilation.
  • Immediately clean spills.
  • Most solvents are flammable and/or toxic and must be handled with extreme care. Do not use near open flame, sparks, or electrical motors.
  • Always use proper PPE when working with windows and doors.

*Properly performing annual window care and maintenance will enhance the longevity of your windows. Please follow the above guidelines to ensure that you do not void WSW’s lifetime warranty. Please contact WSW support if you require warranty assistance.