There are many signs that you should look out for if you think it’s time to replace your door(s).

Building a New Home

Your front door is the main focus of your home. If chosen correctly, it can provide a warm and welcoming entrance.


Drafts or Air Leaks Around Your Door

Depending of the age of your door – you may notice air leaks due to damaged/torn weather stripping. Weather stripping can be replaced and enhance the performance of your current door. Also, your door may require a new door sweep which helps with air and water infiltration.


Moisture Damage & Rotting Wood

If you have a wooden based door system (wood or vinyl clad) that is not installed correctly, then you are suspect to rot over time. Wooden door frames typically start to rot around the sill and bottom sections of the door box. This is caused by water infiltration over many years in which water becomes trapped and begins to rot away the wooden frame. We offer a premium grade door system that is 100% composite material. You won’t have to worry about replacing a rotted door again!


Condensation/Fog Between Glass

This may be due to a seal failure, contact your door manufacturer.