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What are egress requirements?

What is Egress Code?

Egress code is the national building code for window requirements, which will allow means of escape in case of fire or emergency. The minimum requirement is 380mm or 15" in width and height and must provide an unobstructed opening with an area not less than .35 M² = 543 IN².

Are you renovating, trying to sell, or purchasing a home and need a bedroom window to meet egress code? If you are, chances are you're pretty frustrated, and we at Weather Shore Windows feel your pain! Regulations have changed throughout the years, and something that met egress code 10-20 years ago probably doesn't meet egress code now.


Want some good news?

You still have options with us here at Weather shore:


1. Purchase a window today with Egress Hinges

​​Egress Hinges offer wider opening space than our typical standard hinges


​​2. ​Purchase an off-set window

​​Here at Weather Shore we can custom manufacture an off-set window that can meet egress code.​​

An off-set window is often used when the original window is wide enough to contain two sections. In an off-set, one section of the window will be made larger to increase opening space, while the adjacent section will be fixed.


3. Enlarge your current window by cutting down

Typically, the width of your current window may meet the required 15", but in order to get egress code you may have to enlarge your window. The best way to do this is to cut down and enlarge the height of your window. This is the most efficient way to meet egress code because you will not have to change the current headers in your home.


Let Us Help

Why worry about getting an egress code window? Leave it with us and our installation specialists will make this current problem history!

If you still have some questions or concerns regarding egress code, then contact us! Our sales team will be more than happy to offer you the best advice based on your specific situation.

What are Low E & Argon Gas? Should I use this in my windows?

Low E

Low E is a metallic coating applied to one side of the glass surface. When applied to a seal unit it has many advantages;

  1. Low E reflects long wave heat radiation back into your home (keeping heat in) while allowing short wave(solar) heat radiation to enter. This allows your home to be cooler in summer and warmer in the winter.
  2. It reduces ultraviolet as much as 55%
  3. Helps to prevent fading of furniture and furnishings.
  4. Double glazed units made with Low-E offer the same advantages as triple glazed samples but reduce the weight of the sealed unit by 1/3.

    Argon Gas

    When the air space between the two panes is filled with argon gas heat loss is reduced and energy efficiency is improved. This is due to the fact that the thermal conductivity of this inert gas is lower than air.

Would it be cheaper to use custom windows for a retrofit project?

Yes. The cost to customize your windows is small compared to the cost of labour needed to adjust an existing opening to fit a standard size window.

How do I measure my windows for retrofit?

There are two measurements that should be used:

R.S.O (Rough Stud Opening) & BM/BM (Brickmould to brickmould)

What is a warm edge seal unit?

A warm edge seal unit refers to the type of spacer used between the two panes of glass. The metal spacer has been mainly used in past years but has now taken a back seat to products such as DuraSeal. DuraSeal is the spacer system that is currently used in all Weather Shore Windows products. DuraSeal optimizes both warm edge spacer technology and strength in one product.

What types of screws should I use when installing my windows?

When installing our windows we recommend Robinson Pan Head #8. The length will vary depending on the application.

What types of caulking should I use to seal my windows?

There’s a number of good quality caulking on the market today. You need a caulking that can bond well to vinyl and wood. Look for spec. sheets for caulking before purchasing or contact us.

What causes window condensation?

Condensation is caused by excess humidity in your home. Modern insulation and construction that keep cold air outside also keep moisture in, so it is very easy to build up excessive and even harmful moisture levels in such a home. Often, windows act as the first visible sight of condensation. In actually fact windows do not cause condensation; therefore, windows cannot cure condensation. However, an energy efficient vinyl replacement window with Weather Shore Window’s warm edge technology, Argon gas, and Low-E glass helps to greatly reduce condensation.

How can I reduce humidity levels in my homes?

Install energy efficient vinyl windows with double or triple glazing.

Install an outside air-intake system or humidifiers.

Open your windows a few minutes each day to allow dry air to enter your home.

Run kitchen or other ventilation fans longer and more often than accustom to.

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