There are many signs that you should look out for if you think it’s time to replace your window.

Old, Single-Pane Glass

Windows maybe in great physical shape, but non energy efficient windows can lead to 25-50% of your homes current heat loss!


Moisture Damage & Rotting Wood

Moisture damage can be very dangerous if it is not resolved quickly. Moisture causes many health related issues like mould growth, and structural damage through rotted materials. If you notice rot and want a free assessment, please call our team at Weather Shore Windows.


Drafts or Air Leaks Around Your Window

You can easily find the sources of drafts in your home by wetting your hand with luke warm water and placing your hand around the areas of concern. Air leaks do not necessarily require immediate window replacement. Rather, try to eliminate the draft by applying new caulking on the outside and inside of your windows. If the issue is not resolved, call us for a free assessment.


Damage to Window Sash or Frame

Damage to older wooden and vinyl window frames usually require a new window replacement. Feel free to take pictures and discuss your concern with a Weather Shore representative.


Condensation or Fogging between Glass Panes

Condensation between the glass of a two-pane sealed unit represents a failure in the seal. Once a seal fails, the glass no longer provides the energy benefits required. Sealed units can easily be replaced in a vinyl window, and maybe under warranty. Check with the window manufacturer for more information.


Excessive Noise From Outside

Exterior noise filtration varies depending on multiple factors like wall thickness, home insulation, and window & door products. New double or triple pane windows offer more noise reduction than older non energy efficient models. Speak with our sales team to determine what products you need to meet your requirements.


Windows Do Not Open & Close Easily

Often misjudged and misguided – window operation does not necessarily require you to change your older windows. Like many products around your home, windows require annual maintenance and can easily be repaired.

Common problem areas include hinges, operators, locks, and weather stripping. All of the noted issues can be replaced with new materials.


Building a New Home

When you are building a new home, you have a great opportunity to customize your windows and doors to your own tastes. We specialize in manufacturing fully customized products so grab a set of your plans and come on into our sales office. Our sales team would love to discuss how you can put your own personal touch on the appearance of your home. All while making it as warm and comfortable as possible.