Glass Style

Low E Argon

Low E is a metallic coating applied to one side of the glass surface. When applied to a seal unit it has many advantages;

  1. Low E reflects long wave heat radiation back into your home (keeping heat in) while allowing short wave(solar) heat radiation to enter. This allows your home to be cooler in summer and warmer in the winter.
  2. It reduces ultraviolet as much as 55%
  3. Helps to prevent fading of furniture and furnishings.
  4. Double glazed units made with Low-E offer the same advantages as triple glazed samples but reduce the weight of the sealed unit by 1/3.
Obscure Glass

Pin Head Obscure Pattern

Grey Tinted

Privacy Grey Tint

Bronze Tinted

Privacy Bronze Tint

Grill Style

Colonial Design
Prairie Design
Spoke Design
Simulated Divided Lite (SDL)

SDL grills beautifully capture the look of individual panes of glass. Applied with special tape to interior and exterior glass surfaces, they are guaranteed to not delaminate for the life of the window.


High Profile

Matches Casement and Awning Profiles

Low Profile

Has 50% less frame height than High Profile for more glass area.

Sundry Options


Brickmould is an attractive frame for the exterior of the window which replicates traditional wooden brickmould. This is convenient when renovating as it allows for updating of a window without visible disturbance of the buildings exterior.

Check Egress

Egress code is the national building code for window requirements, which will allow means of escape in case of fire or emergency. You can learn more about Egress in our FAQs.

Drywall Return

A vinyl return on the interior window frame used to accommodate a jamb extension. It is 3/4" thick.

Trim Colour

Solid PVC

Weather Shore windows come in two solid colours, White and Cream.


A painted exterior finish in a wide assortment of popular shades (White interior). The painted finish options feature a state-of-the-art colourizing system for unmatched fade resistance and colour retention. Learn More.

Vent Style

Left Hand Vent - One Panel
Left Hand Vent - Two Panel
Left Hand Vent - Three Panel
Left Hand Vent - Four Panel
Left Hand Vent - Four Panel (1/4 x 1/2 x 1/4)
Right Hand Vent - One Panel
Right Hand Vent - Two Panel
Right Hand Vent - Three Panel
Right Hand Vent - Four Panel
Right Hand Vent - Four Panel (1/4 x 1/2 x 1/4)