Our construction process enables you to custom design a window that suits your individual needs, choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and colour options.

Custom Design

At Weather Shore Windows because your windows are built on site by skilled professionals, we are able to offer you the advantage of having your windows custom made to your specifications and taste.


We manufacture a broad range of window shapes to suit your individual needs.


We are able to treat the vinyl casing on your windows with paint the vinyl to match the styling of your home.

At Weather Shore Windows use a professional cross draft paint booth (used in the automotive industry) to ensure the best finish possible on your window casing. The booth contains a two phase air filtration system with eighteen filters in total, and a 8000CFM (free air) exhaust fan. We use such an enhanced system to get the highest quality finish we can by providing the cleanest, dust free environment we can!

We have a selection of fashionably appealing colours available to choose from. We also provide the option to custom match any colour on request for an additional cost.

Four Stage Process

There are four stages that our vinyl windows go through in the painting process:

  • Cleaning: The majority of all application problems arise through inadequate cleaning. This is the reason why we allocate a tremendous amount of time properly sanding, cleaning, and testing our vinyl products prior to painting. Once the vinyl has been properly prepared for paint, we test the vinyl through a unique water test. Once water is applied to the vinyl frame; if the water beads then there is still contaminants present. whereas the water will not bead if the vinyl product has properly been cleaned.
  • Application: we use a high quality water based paint application on our products. We gauge our booths temperature between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit which has been proven to provide the best results.
  • Curing: We understand that quality and short lead times is of importance which is why we use a market proven accelerator in our paint that has been proven to enhance curing times. We typically cure products for 1-2 days.
  • Final Inspection: Once curing is complete, we then conduct a final inspection before the product is finished.

About Our Paint

The paint we use to on our windows is a superior paint created for exterior use on vinyl and PVC surfaces.

  • D200 is a high performance single application exterior water based coating system designed for direct application (no primer) to PVC.
  • D200 is formulated with heat reflective pigments to minimize heat gain for dark colors, and is considered non–hazardous by EPA standards. D200 exceeds all environmental and performance standards (meets AAMA 615)
  • Low Heat Absorption (delta T) due to superior product formulation (tested to ASTM D 4803-93).
  • Excellent Adhesion and Abrasion Resistance. Excellent Elasticity can withstand thermal expansion and cold weather impact.
  • ELASTICITY Excellent Impact Resistance: no chipping.
  • Long term color retention.
  • Chemically Resistant (window cleaner, acid rain and other pollutants).