The City of St. John’s is rich in culture and heritage, contained within it are beautiful older homes that boast of this richness. The St. John’s Heritage Code strives to preserve the architectural history that makes it so unique.

St. John’s strives to maintain its beautiful culture, as well as the scenery that comes with it. If you are looking at renovating or building new, you may have to abide by the city’s Heritage Area restrictions.

St. John’s Heritage code has three distinct areas; Heritage Area 1, Heritage Area 2, and Heritage Area 3. To check what Heritage Area you are in view the Area Map below (provided by

Area Map

Each Area contains differing restrictions that must be followed:

  • Windows must retain the Single Hung style look.
  • Under certain circumstances, wide 1×4″ exterior trim (Brickmould or PVC/wood) must be used around windows in street view
  • Vinyl siding is not permitted in Heritage Area 1

Permits Required

Building permits are always required when any renovation work is performed. If you have any questions regarding building permits please contact the city of St. John’s or visit the Heritage Area Building Permit Requirements Section on the St. John’s website.

Heritage Area Permits

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